Package Size hasn't varied much since first Package

Hey All,

So I’m pretty far into production of my new game, decided to make it in Ue4 vs Unity this time, but there’s just a few things that I’m trying to understand, for one, package size.

My IOS builds have been, since the start, around 140 mbs, my first build months ago was 140 mbs, which barely contained anything and my latest is 148 mbs. Since then, I’ve added 3d models, textures, particles, code ext ext. My Question is how can a blank ish project be at 140mbs but only grow 8-10 mbs when adding everything that actually makes the game. To clarifie, I have toggled every togglable option to optimize performances and build size, only packaging levels I use, migrated the content brower, ext ext.

Any ideas?
Thanks All!

Engine content takes so many space. You are making probably simple game with not many assets and additionaly you optimized game so it’s why it only grows 8-10 MB.

Hey gameDNA, Thanks for the reply :smiley: yeah I noticed that the engine takes like 90% of the packaged build content :S


I would suggest reviewing our Mobile Game Development documentation. Especially the Mobile Performance Tips & Tricks guide and the Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices.

Using PakBlacklisting is very helpful when you’re trying to contain the size of your project, it’ll allow you to blacklist certain files from your project that you aren’t using, but you don’t necessarily want to delete from your project quite yet.

Good luck!