Package Settings to use Phones Gyroscopes?


Basically I want my phone to control my Unreal project’s camera, but its not working. I am able to get my project onto my phone, and even managed to get it to work with GearVR. But when I uncheck the option “Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to GearVR”, my game launches correctly full screen without GearVR, but moving my phone does nothing for the camera.

How do I get my game’s camera to move when I move my phone in the air, without using GearVR?

Any assistance? If I need to clarify more please let me know.

Hi Teriander,

You will need to read the accelerometer and gyros to control the camera yourself. The GearVR provides a more accurate gyro/accel as part of the hardware.

Ok Thanks. Does Unreal have any plans to implement this feature into Unreal where the developer has minimum need to code it his/herself? If not, do you have a link for documentation for the accelerometer and gyros for someone who is fairly new to blueprints? Also, Im looking into getting this book to learn Blueprints, but I’m not sure if it will teach anything on setting up accelerometer and gyros. Do you recommend this book?

Take a look here for one way someone set up blueprints to control camera: