Package project fails constantly

Hey guys, we’re having a problem with our project where we’re unable to build out.

A few details:

  1. We’re using perforce and we have a feeling this might be the root cause?

  2. This is for a uni project and because of time restraints, we’ve been using stuff from the learning tab. Is it possible having all these files migrated into our main project could be a problem?

  3. We’re using an asset pack we bought from the marketplace called Archinteriors Vol 1 Scene 4 and in the log it’s failing to find some assets from that so this could also be an issue.

I’ve attached the log from the last build so you can see if there’s any problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We’re all new to Unreal Engine 4 so any simple mistakes pointed out that we’ve made that can help us improve for our next project would be amazing


From where are you packaging the game? unreal editor? visual studio? or UnrealFrontEnd.exe?

Try packaging with unreal front end, and try with some different configurantions (shipping, development, cooked, on the fly) and see if some configurations works for you.

Also use the “fix up redirections in folder” on the editor (right click on content folder, inside the content browser).
Some months ago I had a similar issue caused by some different “corrupted” assets over the project (from blueprints until textures)

Thank you for the help, I will try that out tomorrow and get back to you!

Hi again,

So I did the ‘fix redirection in folder’ and this is the result. Is fixing this just the case of deleting them from my content browser or is it something more complicated?

is in the case you delete or move folders, but it also do more complicated stuff that I still don’t understand. building with unreal front end should give you more information about the problem in the logs.
I tell you that because some months ago iIhad a similar issue with this (