Package Project: Failed to open descriptor file

Hello to all the clever people who can hopefully help me. (Please excuse my english, I’m from Germany and had some help from Google :wink: )

Two weeks ago I started to work with the Unreal Engine and have made great progress. I have started a project which is a simple maze game. After I finished the first level and the main menu I wanted to export an exe file.

I have read through many forums and found no answer that would help me further. I want that this game to run on other PCs without having the Unreal Engine editor. Just like any other game.
I would like to say that I’m not working with N ++. I do not get it.

I have the same problem as these guys here:

I cant open this “Shipping file” without this error is coming. If I change the file name in the original project name this application can be opened with no problems on MY PC. But that does not help me further because otherwise I get the same error again on my brother’s PC. Whether 32 bit or 64 bit and please do not ask for my settings, I’ve tried just about everything that can be done. And precisely because there are several people who have the same problem as me I am assuming that it is a bug.

Thank you for your help
(Im using Windows 8 64 bit and my brother is using windows 7 64 bit)