[PACKAGE PROBLEM] Datatable, that works in the editor, fails after packaging.

Hi. I am a beginner in unreal engine gaming packaging. Recently I am working on an interactive Archiviz project, which involves lists of variables, materials and static meshes. In order to organize them better, I have used multiples datatables in blueprints and Everything works fine in the unreal editor. (See Image A, Image C, Image D)

However, when I try to package the project, reading of all the datatables in the project fails. (See Image B). I have tried to google the solution. Some said is can be solved through adding the Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package. (Image E), but the package still doesn’t work for me (The input is a path for a folder).

Is there something I have overlooked? What is the correct way to package projects using datatable?

Thank you very much.