Package Man

Paper Boy has graduated from handing out newspapers to delivering Packages. Get a chance to work for the best Delivery Company in the World!

You have a limited time to fill your Van with packages, and your shift ends once the Van has reached the end of the Road.

You have 5 days of work, from Monday - Friday.

Each day is on a random map, at different times of day.

This is a Highscore based game, the better you perform the higher your score, the higher up you are on the leaderboard

Prove your capabilities by smashing as many doors, **windows **and **garages **as you can.

Make sure to be a good employee or you will lose precious points which will reflect on your score!

Coming to Kickstarter soon!
This game is still in development! So expect regular updates (1-2 a week).
You will encounter bugs, that’s just how game development works when you’re alone :stuck_out_tongue:

*MAC and LINUX coming soon! *

Join the Discord: Package Man

Have fun, and let me know what you think!