Package is trying to be loaded on rendering thread?

I have no issues when using launcher version of UE4 - my project builds fine and runs in PIE and on Gear VR (Android).

However, if I build engine from source (using Oculus fork), my game crashes on the device.

Here is crash log: 05-29 22:56:22.934 13325 13578 D UE4 : [2018.05.30-03.56.22:934][127]Asserti -

I wanted to file this as bug report using official form, but then I am tired of this BS with repro steps in clean project. Seems that I am not even working on my game any longer but instead making repro cases for Epic :confused:

Has anyone had this issue? How do I work around it ?

Thanks beforehand

Hmm… If I enable EDL along with Async Loading Thread, I get no crash.