Package Game to run without needing admin to install? Or as Standalone executable?


Is it possible to package a ue4 game to run without needing admin to install or to statically link it to create a standalone executable? I would like to have it run from a single folder on a PC with out needing to install anything?

Basically just looking to show off my hobby project at work :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can I’m afraid as the engine needs a bunch of prerequisites to run games. I’ve not seen a portable install done in UE4 yet personally at least.

Is it not possible to copy the prerequisites into the game package?

I don’t think so, since there’s things like Visual C++ and Direct X redistributables.

Just bug your IT guy for admin rights :smiley:

haha, yeah, it’s a large corporation, you know what they are like, if it’s not a microsoft product you can’t have it and even then it takes weeks of requests and followups before they come back and say “We think you can achieve that with excel. See your manager for permission to be added to the excel users group.”