Package game for old Mac OS version ( El Capitan ...)

Hello !

I need your help to launch UE4 on older version of Mac OS. It’s working on Sierra and High Sierra config but not on older version like El Capitan … Does someone had the same issue ?
Thanks !

There is a patch that lets you install Sierra on an old El Capitan on the internet. It may cause issues, as it is explained on the site of the individual who posted the patch, like for example that an iMac 8i would lose the wifi because of driver issues and so. But even then you should be aware of hardware limitations that would prevent UE4 from launching in the first place.

Hi @erodann I’m having the same issue, did you manage to solve it?

Unfortunatly, the El Capitan is no more working for the new version of UE4, you have 2 solutions :

-Do your game on a previous version

  • Make your game only for High sierra :confused: