Package game for HTML5 not working, opening Unreal Engine docs webpage

I have read and reread HTML5 packaging questions and the docs for unreal engine html5 packaging and followed the instructions. I now have the device manager under ‘Launch’ showing Chrome for HTML5 connected. However when I try to package the game with HTML5, it opens web browser to the getting started guide in unreal engine docs. What am I missing… I can provide more information if needed, but may need to hear the request in layman’s terms.

This is a blueprint project using 4.8.3 that has already packaged well on desktop and android. Just want to package for HTML5 to add the game to my website.


Could this have to do with not having “ENV Variables” setup? (I’ve done nothing for this to my knowledge).

OR could this have to do with not “compiling HTML5” for UE4? (Not sure if this is an extra step not mentioned in the unreal engine docs for getting started developing with HTML5)

Thanks again

link text

Here is error from project launcher. First error seems to be No BuildPlatform for HTML5.

Hi Bamwd5,

I’ve not been able to reproduce this on my end. Everything seems to package fine for me that I can see with my test project. My test project is just the Blueprints template First Person.

  • So with that in mind. Does this only happen in your project or any project you create and package for HTML5?
  • Are you using the latest version of Emscripten and Python 2.7.10? (You can find the links to these on the HTML5 documentation page)
  • Are you launching on Chromium 64-bit or FireFox Nightly build 64-bit?
  • Make sure that your Project Settings > HTML5 SDK settings are correct as well by pointing to the correct directories and SDK.

Thank you!