Package for MacStore

Hi all.
I made only BP game.
I am trying to publish it on MacStore. When i package game i get .app file, but Application Loader wants from me .pkg file.
How can i make .app file to become .pkg file?

Hi media4marko,

Under project settings>Packaging, do you have “Use Pak File” selected? If this doesn’t correct the issue be sure you follow the guidelines on the following page:

Packaging Projects


Hello ,

Yes, i have selected “Use Pak File” but i get the same extension.
I get [MyGame].app. I tried zipping up project and trying to upload it via Application Loader, but it reports to me that i should use .pkg file.
I follow guidelines, but i do not see anything specific about packaging for Mac.

All the best,

Hi Marko,

After a little more research, I found that creating a .pkg to submit to the MacStore is somewhat involved and that we currently do not have documentation regarding this other than a page that links to Apple’s requirements which is not very straight-forward in regards of a UE4 to MacStore workflow.

I have put in a request for this documentation: JIRA [UEDOC-2879]

In the meantime, a couple of helpful user’s have outlined the process for both Code and Blueprint projects here:

How to create the proper .pkg file for deployment to the MacStore

Hope this helps,


Hi ,

Thank you for response. I will look into it.

All the best,