Package for iOS on VM

Can anyone recommend a VM I can rent to package my project for iOS on? Or has anyone got a Mac VM working on their PC? Thanks!

Mac VM on PC unfortunately is not legal :frowning: I would recommend you to buy used cheap Mac Mini on the eBay. You don’t need powerful machine when you setup remote connection from Windows to Mac. It will only send necessary files from Windows to Mac, compile it very fast and returns back to your PC.

You can also procure mac cloud, such as I dont use the service myself, but I think it is good for your case.

Personally I was able to run builds and deploys both on VMs and Mac hardware (Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro), for VMs used and tested VMware as well as Virtual Box. However not sure whether it’s fully legal to use some custom OSX image files run through VMs. Best bet is to have any hardware able to install and run latest Xcode, which requires most recent OSX afaik. As far as VMs are concerned it’s quite easy to set up however many things can go wrong along the way before you’ll be able to build stuff with it (OSX updaes, XCode installation, Keychain access etc).

It can be done, if you won’t smash your head from hitting the wall constantly before that.