Package for Android fails due to missing keystore

So I have a .keystore file generated through CMD and have it placed in the correct location in [project]\builds\android, and all of the signing information properly filled out in the UE4 project settings, but whenever I try to package my game for distribution the package fails with an error saying that it could not locate the specified file (my keystore file) but the filepath it shows makes no sense whatsoever…all of my project files and build folders and the keystore and the NVPAX folders and everything else are all on the C drive, I have no other drives in my computer. The error I get does not even provide a full directory path to a keystore file it couldn’t find, it just returns “C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\build.xml:1147: Y:\Pulsar_Battles-key.keystore (The system cannot find the file specified)” This makes no sense to me…I do not have a “Y:” directory for UE4 to even be trying to locate my keystore file in, the keystore file is located in the proper folder for signing…There is no reason that UE4 should be trying to find my keystore file on a nonexistent drive unless UE4 creates a virtual drive to store things on temporarily during packaging and during this process it loses the keystore file that it was supposed to move which just seems like a silly way for it to be handled all together. So my question is has anyone else run into this issue before and if so how did you fix it, if not does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this error and get UE4 to recognize my keystore file? Before anyone asks I do not have a full directory path in the Key Store block under the Distribution signing section of project settings, it is just the name of the output file from the keytool when I created the keystore like it is supposed to be, I have deleted and remade the keystore several times, I have deleted my intermediate and saved folders in the project and attempted to package again, and I have googled this issues a million times, checked answerhub and the forums and I cannot find any reference to this happening to anyone else or how to fix it.

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