Package Files Size

I am wondering about this. I have a not so complex Building with some objects and a little Landscape with 3 different tree types (from Kite-Demo) and one Grass-Mesh as foiliage. So overall not that complex. Also I use dynamic Light and no Lightmass.
Now when I Package the Project I get a Filesize of 4.5 GB. Is it packaging everything in my Project even with assets I dont use in my scene?
If so. How is the workflow if you work with a lot of Object librarys where you only use a fraction of the meshes? Would you migtrate the maps in a new empty project before Packaging?

this interests me as well very much! Especially if one is developing for mobile!

It only packages assets that are referenced in the scene. If you have a lot of large textures this could explain it. Otherwise have you checked your cooked folder what’s actually in there? I have something like 60Gb of files but small levels may have less than 1Gb packaged.

I find the easiest way to cook is to delete the folders saved/EditorCooked and /StagedBuilds, then open the level you want to package and “launch” it for windows desktop in the editor. Your packaged files will be in StagedBuilds/Windows.