Package Failed on Windows 10 using UE4.17

I attempted to package and launch this project from a Mac, and had no success and nobody responded to any of my questions, so I gave up that route. I am now using UE 4.17 on Windows 10 and have been able to package and launch to ipad a very basic map/level. The more I add to the level, this is when it only packages and does not launch to my Ipad now. I have not been able to load the .ipa onto ipad, and i cant figure out how to do this in windows. I am trying to launch to my Ipad as this is the only method I can use to get my app onto my ipad, but know I cant launch due to errors. Log is attached.

Hopefully now that I am using the windows version on UE4 and attempting to deploy to IOS someone might answer my help. As a beginner it seems hard to get assistance when nobody responds to questions, not sure why, but hopefully someone will help here.

Try and move your project from your desktop to a more accessible location in your disk drive. Desktop and My documents are locations protected by the OS that more than often need applications being started with administrative privileges to make changes.

It seems IphonePackager.exe is being fired by UE4 and is not finding the correct route.

As a best practice rule, never use any location with lots of nested files as it can make some scripts fail, and also never use any location that could be submitted to local language characters, for example anything under the C://User file, as it could contain special characters or even spaces that are not supported by some scripts or compilators.