Package errors due to long filename

I’m quite new to packaging in UE4. What I did:

  1. Set as shipping (I want a standalone exe)
  2. Package
  3. Error message

I read on the forums that I have to rename my files but how do I go about doing that without breaking the file links? Or rather, how do I solve this packaging error so I can package my project as a standalone exe?

Hello arronnax,

Could you provide your complete log so that I could take a closer look?

I was having the same problem so i moved my project to C:/MakeYourFolder.
That way Unreal has easier acces to files I guess. Let me know if it works.

Yup! I saw someone else on the forums doing that and I did and I can develop the package. Thanks!

Hi Rudy,

I did a workaround by moving my project to C:\ and I managed to get it packaged. I have attached the log below as I think it will still be great to be able to export my files regardless of location.

On a side note, my intro cutscene is freezing and HUD subtitles are not displaying correctly in my package. Would you know if there is some setting I did not enable?

No problem, glad I can help.