Package error

Hello. I guess Im the one of many people who are tortured by really annoying error on packaging project “ERROR! Automation tool failed to run successfully”. The launching works well, cooking ends up with this error and packaging ends with this error as well. I searched for the answer a lot but I havent found the working decision yet. Also, Im not using Visual Studio, so I hope to solve the problem without it. Please tell me how to solve the problem! I will really appreciate to anwer. thank you.

(Version 4.7.5)

Hey ,

In order to assist you further, could you please provide us with the error you receive when trying to package your game? There should be errors listed within the output from the editor. There may be additional within the project file as well for example: Unreal Projects\MyProject27\Saved\

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:


Here. Hope you will find the poblem in this log.

Hey ,

Earlier I sent a request to our developers to review the errors you were receiving.

This is the Error:

Invalid BufferCount=0 while reading C:/N_M_V3/Content/Maps/Winter_Prologue_2.umap. Pos=232783872, Size=232783872, PrecacheSize=2147483647, PrecacheOffset=232783872
It's in:
In FArchiveFileReaderGeneric::InternalPrecache
	UE_CLOG( BufferCount > ARRAY_COUNT( Buffer ) || BufferCount <= 0, LogFileManager, Fatal, TEXT("Invalid BufferCount=%lld while reading %s. Pos=%lld, Size=%lld, PrecacheSize=%lld, PrecacheOffset=%lld"),
				BufferCount, *Filename, Pos, Size, PrecacheSize, PrecacheOffset );

It looks as if it’s some type of package corruption. The package name is: C:/N_M_V3/Content/Maps/Winter_Prologue_2.umap.

It’s been recommended to get an older version and seeing if you’re having the same types of trouble when packaging. With the error that you’re receiving currently, we can only imagine that you’re not actually able to load it in the editor properly either.

I hope this helps, cheers!

Thank you very much… I deleted package, that had corruption, but unfortunately that hasn’t helped… I still have the same error. Please take a look at new . Thank you


Hey ,

It appears as though your content is corrupted:

[2015.04.20-21.25.02:519][  0]LogLinker:Warning: The file 'C:/N_M_V3/Content/Textures/T_Brick_Clay_Beveled_D.uasset' contains unrecognizable data, check that it is of the expected type.

Deleting this package may actually resolve the issue as well.

If the issue is not resolved by deleting that specific package: please upload your package, I can have one of the developers check it further for you. If you are willing to upload your package, please submit the link to me in a private message on the forums for the security of your work.

Thank you!