Package error IOS_13 on Windows platform only

I just updated the project to 5.0 from 5.0EA. While in editor everything runs fine but I tried to package it for some testing, and I’m getting the following error, even tho in Project Settings I only have checked Windows as platform. I wasn’t getting this error before, is there something I’m missing?

LogClass: Warning: In asset ‘None’, there is an enum property of type ‘EIOSVersion’ with an invalid value of ‘IOS_13’
LogObj: Error: LoadConfig (/Script/IOSRuntimeSettings.Default__IOSRuntimeSettings): import failed for MinimumiOSVersion in: IOS_13

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I uninstalled UE5 and then removed all of it’s files from AppData, reinstalled it and the problem is gone. I don’t know why it was trying to use IOS too even tho it wasn’t checked but at least that was the solution for me. Just uninstalling are reinstalling wasn’t enough.

Yeah! That’s work for me but check if you have a double plugins reference installed in your main folders. That’s cause the problem too.

Hey could you give instructions on how to check for if there are double plugins reference installed in main folders? Thanks in advance!

For sure. NP

In your main Project Go to Content Folder there already exist a Folder called “Plugins” check if contain a Plugin that you already has installed in the Engine/Plugins folder.