Package crashing with Compressed Cooked selected

I am having an issue packaging my project for windows. Everything cooks fine, but the package fails and gives me a critical error “Ran out of memory allocation…” If I uncheck “create compressed cooked packages” then it builds fine. It is just a huge package (12 gb). As soon as I check that box, it won’t crashes when packaging. Does anyone have any ideas what the cause, or solution, to this is?

Exact same problem for me with new 4.25 version :confused:

Up… Can’t understand this issue too

The problem is also present on the github version.

Hi Guys, same issue here, and the problem is even after i remove the compress option the launching on mobile for testing or even building is crashing after the splash screen.
Hope someone found a solution.

Hi guys,

just an update, the game was crashing on android after the splash screen due to weird reason, in one of my widgets i had an image and a text inside a vertical box, i add another button to cover up the image and that is the reason the game was crashing on mobile after splash screen but was ok on PC.I removed the newly added button in the vertical box and the game started working again even with the compressed packaging and removing the editors content (to reduce the game size).

it is weird, so i thought to share this with you, screenshot attached as well.

Same happening for me. UE version 4.25.3. Uncompressed game size 4.3 Gb. Would be nice to know how to fix it. Aneone? :slight_smile:

No one has found anything about this?

Hi i am having the exact same issue, without compresion i get 13gb, with compresion was 3.8gb…

Having the same issue, waiting for same help.

There are many reasons the packaging can crash. Most common reason probably is that Visual C++ is not installed. Can you post your log file? And watch out for any red lines in the output log.

Well I had started the thread and I don’t believe my issue has anything to do with widgets or images. That issue in this thread was about it crashing when running on mobile. I haven’t received any feedback from Epic for nearly a year, and it sounds like a lot of people are having this same issue. I also have Visual C++ installed and don’t have any issue compressing the packages it seems until the model gets to be fairly large. And this is a relatively new issue (this year) as I am following the same process I have for years, and have never had issues compressing the package in the past. I would have a 13 GB project and compress it down to like 4 GB with no problems.