Package contains EditorOnly data ?

I am trying to get my client to connect to a listen server on my LAN. However, it’s failing to connect and producing this message in the log:

**LogLinker:Warning: Unable to load package (…/…/…/MyGame/Saved/Autosaves/Game/Maps/UEDPCExample_Map.umap). Package contains EditorOnly data which is not supported by the current build or vice versa.

[2014.12.29-22.53.40:685] 1]LogLinker:Warning: The file ‘…/…/…/MyGame/Saved/Autosaves/Game/Maps/UEDPCExample_Map.umap’ contains unrecognizable data, check that it is of the expected type.

LogNet:Warning: Travel Failure: [LoadMapFailure]: Failed to load package ‘/Temp/Autosaves/Game/Maps/UEDPCExample_Map’**

Why is the client trying to use the autosave stuff from the editor? It should be using the cooked/pak’d data instead.