Package Build Over 4GB - Package Not a Valid Win32 App

If I create a package through front end which is over 4GB in size when I try and run the package I get an error saying the exe is not a valid Win32 application (my rig is a windows 64 bit machine).

I assume this is because the Front End application is compiled as a 32 bit application.

Anyone knno how I can solve this as I have content which will require a package build of around 4.5GB in size?

As I upload from the installed game to Steam as a workaround I was thinking of taking some content out and creating two package builds and then install 2 separate versions of the game. I’d then take the cookedPC maps from 1 install and place into the other installed game and then use this game for the steam upload.

I’ll test this out but was wondering if there was some hidden issues with this approach or if there is a solution to the 4GB limit?

Just tested where I copy a cooked map from 1 install to another, it doesn’t load, from log there’s an error that says :
Detected data corruption [header]

Probably it stores some cooked flag and package build version number and the copied map differs.

Hmmm so anyone know how I get around what appears to be a cooked package size restriction when the package is greater then 4GB?

duh … solution is quite easy.

  1. Cook your packages
  2. Once all maps cooked remove some of them from the CookedPC folder and save elsewhere
  3. Build package so its under 4GB
  4. Install game and then copy the removed maps from the CookedPC to the CookedPC folder in the installed game

Good to know, thanks.

Huhhh?Didnt knew there was a package limit.The better we get,the more walls we see,but good to know there is a solution.

So if i understood this right.

-We cook all maps 01/02/03 to lets say 020.
-Cook/Pack the game only using the first 3 maps in order to get the 4gb limit and after instaling the game on the pc just add manually the rest of the maps to the installed game folder and you just ¨¨upload to steam your installed game from your pc¨¨ . No aditional installers?

Depends on how you want to install the game and upload to steam. Bottom line if you build is greater than 4gb you need to remove content before you can create an installed copy of the game on your PC.

After you install the game on your PC you can repackage it by something like innosetup and upload that package to steam or use steam to create the package and upload. I have used both ways.