Package build crash in FFrame::ReadProperty

My project crashes when opening a specific level and I get this random assertion failure, it doesn’t happen in the editor:

Inside FFrame::ReadProperty():

check(Result); // <- this assertion fails

I’m not really sure what this is trying to tell me, that somehow a BP is trying to get a variable that doesn’t exist? Or that the BP itself doesn’t exist?

I have narrowed it down to a specific, very simple blueprint (when deleted from the level doesn’t crash) but can’t see anything untoward in the BPs event graph:


I have narrowed it down to accessing the result from the ease function. All the inputs are valid so why is this crashing in a packaged project? Will attempt to repo in clean project.

Update 2

Is in fact the GetWorldLocation called on the TargetPoint in tick. Replacing with GetActorLocation fixes the crash. Since it doesn’t happen in PIE sessions, this seems to be a bug?