package a project in unreal ( with no security )

hi i like to package my project for windows with no security

i know unreal signs the exe securely for tempering purposes

is that even possible?

if its not can you let me know please

thank you for your time

What do you mean by no security? If you want info on getting a code signing certificate set up there’s a good guide here:

Im planning to add my game to windows store. However after converting it to appx file and sending it , windows store cant add an serrificate to it. So i try to sign the file myself by signtool to see what error they getting . Seems like the error is that the file is allready signed by unreal thats why it cannot be signed by signtool or windows store. So i need unreal to not sign the exe so my problems will desapear :).

I think Unreal always signs the executable when publishing. This is a way for it to mark the software as a verified publisher when you run it on any computer.

There may be a way to self publish without signing but I’m not aware of the process.