Pack game for MAC from win?

So I red a lot about this, and cant find good info about it,anyway I want to pack game (arch model) to mac user(my friend) but as I can see I have to have apple computer to do that? is there any way around? Also I red on google that apple is making mess to Epic games because their developer UE4/5 engine. Any help would be good (I dont wanna buy apple :D)

In the future…
You will pay Apple
and you will be happy.

Apple and Epic are not the best friends. But there will be a solution in the future as epic can not just drop ios support.

If I pay apple I loose… so we will see, thank you God for Asia xD

Use a virtual machine and package with terminal

Or see if you can do it using linux being that MacOS is unix based.

From what I know, yes. You need an apple computer and Xcode to compile+package for Mac.
You can use a VirtualMachine (“Hackintosh”) to package your game for Mac (but not iOS, for iOS you need a real Mac computer).

so no Iphone package if you dont have apple machine :smiley:
@jawoods141 can you give me some direction tutorials etc , virtual machine would be good ???

If it is a blueprint-only you can package using windows, but if you have any C++ (including plugins) you need an apple machine: