P.T. recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys, i made a post 2 months ago on the polycount website to show my WIP of P.T.

I finally made it, so here is the final result, enjoy :slight_smile:

Here is the link of my WIP :

Here is my portfolio website link :

Excellent work.

A bit too shiny on the walls tho, some dust in the air would make it more natural, and the cam movement is a bit soft.

:smiley: You did this all by yourself Oo?

Wow great work. From where did you get those photos and props? Will you release the demo to try it out?

I captured with screenshot on my ps4 all pictures frame straight from the game, then crop them into photoshop to make my texture. As for the props, i made them all, no import has been done my friend, i don’t even know how I could have done that anyway.

Well done. Captures the mood to a “T.”

Man this looks really good! I would also say that some materials are a bit too shiny, but overall the material definition is great! :slight_smile:

Look aspects look better, some look worse (most notably the doors).

The detail is amazing and the atmosphere is perfect however. Good job!

Fantastic work DJoExe! That ending still creeps me out. Great job really capturing the atmosphere of the game.

I never thought to check the actual for your video. Thanks again for answering my question on Youtube. I also think you did well. I agree, there are some quirks that feel different than the PS4 version, but not sure if thats UE4 renderer, or just not being able to capture it. All the questions I was asking…I can just read your WIP thread. :slight_smile:

That was interesting to look at all those WIP pics. I definitely want to push hard in the project I’m on to recapture all the nuances of P.T. artistically. Thank you for share your work.

I think the chromatic aberration is way too strong. The video would be far more enjoyable if it was turned off.

It is strong, but I think P.T. is strong too. It might be more noticeable though because of the shinier surfaces in UE4

Someone needs to create the full demo on PC, I don’t have a PS4 :frowning:
Very good attention to detail though

Any chance you’d like to collaborate to bring the demo to PC (in the interest of preservation, not piracy or port-begging) since the PS4 demo is forever lost?

I really hope you bring the dmeo for download, since someone else already brought it using Unity: http://www.dsogaming.com/news/punity-is-a-p-t-hallway-recreation-in-unity-available-now-for-download/ and while it looks good, it doesn’t look as as good as yours (since UE4 has betetr use of PBR materials) and as precise as yours (especially the watch and its non blue light and the other meshes)

Maybe on the later I will, who knows. The sad thing is…I don’t know how I’ve done this, but all my unreal assets are gone since I updated the engine. I still have all my meshes and textures, but I’ll need to redo the entire scene asweel as all shaders…FML. Anyway i’m currently working on my own game. You’ll find out in a couple of days :slight_smile:

Great. UE4 had many updates sicne the time you cretaed this, you can benefit from them. and I hope you include dynamic GI for the flashlight for it, it adds to the atmosphere.

Looking forward to see your new game. :slight_smile: Any news or videos or thread about it?

Good job on completing this. I wanted to say that someone made a Unity version called PuniTy realeased 7/31/15. PuniTy
Good jobs all around.

All we need is a PT demo in Cry Engi-- bwahahahahaha.
I couldn’t complete that sentence without laughing.

I really enjoyed the dedication put into this, it was fantastic!

Hey man, any chance we can see the blueprints you used to make this? Interested in looking at the character movement bp’s specifically. Thank you and great work.