P!mp My Maze - Seek Ideas to make boring Maze itself, highly interesting and engaging?

Please make this boring Maze highly interesting and engaging. All ideas welcomed. Thank you for reading.

My best idea is a Infinite Maze of Gold:

Gameplay or just the maze itself?

Thank you for inquiring @EvilCleric. The Maze itself as gameplay.

  • obviously, a bunch of horny minotaurs would spice it up
  • have a random wall go up / become passable every now and then so one could rush to a shortcut
  • pick up a power-up to smash a wall
  • have walls slide, opening and closing paths
  • have holes in the ground dropping the player to a maze underneath, now you have a 3.5D maze, sort of
  • have a bunch of smaller mazes terraced, jump down, lurk around, reach the end to get catapulted to a maze above
  • cover some areas up so the player must memorise a section, this triggers when the player enters said area

Where are all the IDEA GUYS when you really need them?!



No sht :+1:


  1. Make it a race, NPC’s try to complete the maze ahead of players (to get to the center or the exit - from opposite corners).
  2. Add Horizontal / Vertical moving LASERS that players have to squeeze through at key junctions.
  3. Rotate maze 90 and add wall crawl / jump mechanic.
  4. Add a continuously rotating maze at extreme angles, so players are thrown about / slide down with gravity the enemy (see vaguely similar idea / scene out of Inception).
  5. Players have to use a Torch.
  6. Give players a jump mechanic that can jump one wall at a time, but with a long jump recharge time.
  7. Players have to complete the maze with a radio controlled car (using reverse to turn).

(Or mix it up: A race between NPCs vs Players plus add one or more other mechanics. :wink:):

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