Owner No See Problem With Scope Camera on Dedicated Server

Hi I’m working on a scoped in camera when I aim down sights for my weapons.
Everything works good so far, the cameras switch fine back and forth but the ability to hide my character, the weapon, and the attachments.

I’ve tried so many different ways with the “Owner No See” and “Set Owner” nodes but I keep getting strange outcomes, like: After I zoom out I notice that my character is hidden like it should but it’s not when zoomed in the scope lol. I know how to make my character “owner no see” unhide. This is just strange because when using the scope camera the character IS seen…

I must be missing something simple, the player controller owns the character, weapon and the attachments. Not sure why this won’t work :frowning:

My setup;
• Dedicated server
• Server spawns items
• I have a Main Item class - Weapon class and Attachment class.
• My weapons attachment class has a camera used for the scopes.
• Using “Set View Target With Blend” node.
• Server spawns weapon in characters hands, the Weapon spawns all Attachments. The weapon and attachments have (no owner) (actually they are owned by the server) because the server spawned them, so when I aim down sights I change the weapon and attachments to be owned by the player controller the same as my character.

Thanks for taking a look