The Marketplace card shows ‘Owned’ instead of the price, after we bought a product.
Can we please have the price presented like in the other cards?
We may be interested, what we recently paid in order to compare with other new products.
Or we would like to know about an items price over time.

You will have to just check your bills. What something costs right now doesn’t necessary reflect how much you’ve paid for it at moment of purchase.

I’ve always found it odd that owned replaces the price. No reason both can’t be present. In terms of price over time, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a price change over a period of time outside of the occasional event sale.

Price is shown in payment history. For me it shows Euro, which doesn’t mean much as my actual currency is Swiss Francs, on top of that there are either card or PayPal fees.
Just pointing out that if your primary currency is not the same as what Epic uses, what you payed for an asset is not necessary reflects it cost.