OwnCloud - Self hosted dropbox/Box/GoogleDrive alternative!

Hello Everyone,

With every week that passes during my games development I look for easier/safer/cheaper ways to store my data and organize my data. As of right now I’ve been fighting between GIT for code, Dropbox/flashdrive and perforce to keep my data in multiple places and constantly making sure that I have backups on backups. Anyway long story short I have found an alternative to all of those and it works just like dropbox.

Now I am sure some of you smarter folks out there already knew about this but this is something that I just stumbled upon which is More or less its a self hosted cloud based storage system like drive/dropbox. The thing here is that this can be hosted on any PC running with a webserver OR a webhost. I use a web host and I wanted a convenient way outside of FTP to store/sync my data at all times and this does just that. By using OwnCloud with self-hosting you can allot your self as much storage as you can handle without incurring any extra fees as you would with the others. You only pay for your web hosting. Did I mention it is open source? well IT IS!

I am in no means affiliated with OwnCloud or anyone else, but I thought this was amazing and I should share it with the rest of the UE forums. I hope you guys like it as much as I do and it does great wonders for a private repo! Also it has Applications for Windows/OSX/iOS/Android.

I am not sure why this was moved, as it had everything to do with UE4 considering thats why I made this post. But in any case I hope you guys will find this as useful as I have for backing up your projects securely and without much hassle and on the cheap.

This was moved here because it is not directly related to Unreal Engine. You can use it with UE assets and for game development but it was not specifically designed for those use. Anyone can use it for any purpose. Thats why this was moved to Off-Topic section. Hope you understand. :slight_smile:

For those that doens’t have access to a server I’d suggest, made by the original creator of Megaupload, only difference is that is actually good.
A free account gives you 50gb of storage and if you want more you can subscribe for a small fee. They also have a desktop client that works just like dropbox.
It’s also very, very secure and also very fast.

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

Bitbucket + Spideroak + GDrive + SkyDrive + + + +
My comp spends five extra minutes booting, just from opening all the backup/cloud apps :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t this guy taken down in a massive globally supported raid? Seem to remember something about this happening in NZ…