Own OBJ or FBX causes FP Charater to not be able to move

Hey Guys,

this is my first Unreal Project and i do not know how to fix this issue.

I imported GEO out of Maya with UVs as FB and as OBJ into UE4. I used the Prebuild First Person Level.

And when i imported my Floor the character is not longer able to shot and to walk.

I have No idea of working in UE4 and so if you try to help me fixing this - do it if you would tell it a child :smiley:

If you need some screens, just tell me.

Best Regards


Hmm, sounds like a collision problem.
Double click on your mesh in the content browser - in the properties window (right side) search for collision complexity - set it to “use complex as simple”. After that you will have a precise collision on your mesh and we will see if it’s a collision problem :slight_smile: