Own Class AnimNotify does not show up in list!


I need to have an ANimNotify that takes variables so as per documentation I created a new Blueprint that inherits from AnimNotify and it shows up in the Montage Im working on and I can place it on the time line, and all is good.

But then I cannot get it to show up to be placed in the AnimationBlueprint.

I have tried compiling, saving all actors and classes. Opening them all up again.
I tried restarting the Editor as I know there’s a UE bug with custom AnimNotifys where you have to do that for them to show up.

But nothing makes my new own class notify available to place down in the blueprint.

Anyone know’s what Im missing?

Cheers, Fredrik

Oh I figured out how to do it. In your own derived AnimBlueprint blueprint you have to add an Override for ‘Received_Notify’.
Then you can do whatever you want in that function and it runs as the notify is triggered in your Montage. Great!