Нow to fix a bug

Who can tell me how to solve the following problem: I’m making a game from the first person, I uploaded a 3d model of the character’s hands, I was going to set up the animation. But, I noticed that the hands, i.e., the 3D model, are located away from the capsule, which denotes the player, while Ferst person character, mesh is located in the capsule
I hope the attached screenshot of the problem is displayed

Hey there @mr.Visl! Welcome to the community! Is your pivot point for your mesh way offset? It’s usually best to center your pivot at least in XY when you export from your 3D program so you can just 0 out the transforms in the player BP for it’s location. However if you can’t do this, you can technically just move your hands to the correct location in the character BP and it will work (assuming you’re using a standard character setup). However leaving the pivot offset like that does pose problems for your pipeline in general.

Thank you. Changed the turning point and everything fell into place.
I would also be extremely grateful if you tell me whether it is necessary to do the animation of the hands separately for the game from the first person or can it be done in ue4 itself

It’s all dependent on the pipeline you’d like to follow really. I was formally trained on Zbrush → Maya → Substance → Unreal so I’m used to animating outside of UE. However that was before control rig existed. Sometimes you just need the features of a program. Like these days I write my own python scripts for rigging in blender so I haven’t used control rig much yet, but it seems quite good!

If you’re working in 4.27 on you could animate directly in editor with the control rig beta.

However if you’ve never done any rigging, it will be a little more effort to get started, but it pays off not having to swap programs for animation.

However if you’re using blender, here’s a tutorial on the Blender to Unreal animation pipeline.

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Thank you very much. Honestly, I didn’t even expect to find so many useful answers for myself here.
You helped me a lot.

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