Overwriting GameUserSettings

Hello there!
I am currently working on our settings, to store keybindings, graphic settings and such.
Unreals philosophy seems to be, that it stores the grapihc settings in the GameUserSettings.ini which is read on loadup.
However I want to be able to specify different GameUserSettings, and set them as launch parameters (like you can do with game INIs saying -GAMEINI=myGameConfig.ini ) so we can try different targets like high-end vs low-end specs / settings.

So far I can’t find a way to overwrite them. Is there a setting I am missing?
Or is there another “unreal way” of doing this?

Right now I’m thinking of creating a custom GameUserSettings which derives from the base version, and use this with the “Config” UCLASS prop set to Game.

I’m happy for any suggestions or oversights on how to tackle such a situation.