Overwrite Metahuman material inside UE

Does anyone know how to change the Metahuman material after bringing it into Unreal? What I’d like to do is to get a head model, and change the material to something like polished white plastic (for now I’m just enabling the clay material to be the color white).
The issue that I’m having is that just changing the base material for the face, the “M_HeadSynthesized”, don’t change the material in the viewport or during runtime, the only place I see the change is in the skeletal mesh window.
What I see on the BP_metahuman blueprint, is that something is creating a dynamic instance material that looks like is overwriting the element 0 in the base mesh.
Is there any way that can be done?

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If the material you’re trying to modify is a dynamic one, that means it’s being created at run time (ie, when you hit play). It’s a little annoying, but just go into the blueprint and under construction script, you’ll see the node to “create dynamic material instance.” Disconnect this. Also, under the event graph, there’s a call to this command for the eyebrows and eyelashes, disconnect that as well.

Hi @dragonlordsd . I´ve created a very simple material with a Base Color and Roughness information. I dragged it to the face Metahuman material slot. A message appeared saying that shaders were being compiled, but, at the end, nothing happened.
When you say about dynamic material, are you refering to Metahuman material, or the new material?

I got around this by just replacing the parent of M_Head_synthesized, instead of M_Head_synthesized itself…
Alternatively since I am using the sequencer, you can change the material of Element 0 in a “Material Switcher” track

@snayyss thank you! I´ll try this.