Overwhelming overlapping bug?

I’ve stuck today at the very interesting task… Just wanted to get a list of level actors/meshes overlapping my movable actor with static mesh component only (not root!). So after a few useless hours I’ve read everywhere in Hub that this is impossible. Some people advise to make a mesh comp as actor root (impossible for me) and get hit data sweeping. Some Rama’s kind write something incomprehensible and mysterious C++ approximation functions.

But the thing is overlap event works and overlapping actors array filled only when this actor wasn’t moving before and after the overlap time. Why?

How then do I get list of objects at certain area?!

At 100 I started to move actor and overlapping actors array had cleared.

By the way. Collision box component works well but this is kinda bad workaround. It doesn’t support flexible programming ))) You somehow need to copy mesh obstacles to collision box. Wooh

So, if I understand correctly, you only want the overlapping actors of one component of your blueprint? If so you can just use the get overlapping actors node and set the target as a reference to your component.


I found that many people here stuck at this point too. So let me remind you about this feature/bug.

Here is the BP I was testing

Collision box and static mesh have the same settings but you’ll see the difference.

Get actors overlapping collision box:

Get actors overlapping static mesh:

As you can see this is working incorrectly with static mesh… I should add that if you set static mesh as a root, get overlapping actors starts return itself (sick!) :smiley: