Overwhelming or not?

Say I’m going to create several levels/maps, and for each of these levels, I would like to place roughly 50k human actors with an A.I.Controller assigned to each of them, so that they can together form a real world.

If I do this, is it like I am creating 50k tasks/threads in my game which would absolutely break current-gen PC resource/performance limitation?

To be more intrinsic, what resources does an actor with an A.I.Controller assigned to it in UE4? A thread that will keep running for him/her so that the actor can always act to the environment based on the information he/she gets from the game world?

You’re not going to be able to do 50k actors

And I guess that’s the thing which prevents developers from creating a live world with its population similar to our real world.

Then I start to wonder what is our current limitation in our current-gen? 5 thousand actors with AI inside the same level maybe? I know it really depends on how complex would each AI be, my assumption is that AI for each actor will know what to do to keep a human stay at least alive( looking for food, work to produce resources, et al)

Anyway, thank you so much for your reply. It really helps me make a lot.:slight_smile:

Look into the assassins creed Paris Bug edition for some insight on how to fake 50k human actors on screen.