Overwatch map - Chaouen

What would you like to know?

Easter eggs, secret plans, anything sneaky :sunglasses:

Hehe, that’s my favorite rock brush

I’m not sure yet! If I have time for that I’ll think of something.

UPDATE: Here is another update from my map. For this week I’ve been working on bigger assets like the mosque and the fountains. Other things that I had on my project was a bit of vertex paintaing but I’ll be working more on that this week. I created another 2 textures, and one of them is from this link that you can get it from free: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/aYkN/substance-designer-overwatch-material-studies-free?utm_source=artstation&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=homepage&utm_term=marketplace


UPDATE: I have started with the plants. They are not finished yet, here are some examples. Some of the fooliage are done by me, some of them I used from outside content that I had on Unreal Marketplace library. The tree for example, the mesh was already done, I just recolorized with a new texture and created new leaves for it in Illustrator. The vertex paintaing on the walls is almost finished, yet, I need to do on the buildings on the other half.

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Hey again @Mawgush,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

One of my favorite aspects of watching a game -or map in this case- develop is most definitely the plant life. It tells so much about the environment as a whole, for instance, yours are colorful and bright and welcoming. It makes the entire scene come alive and creates such a warm and comforting feeling.
I’m so glad you have continued to update this thread and share Chaouen with us. Thank you for all the hard work and I can’t wait for your next update!

Sending lots of support, Cheers! :heartpulse:

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Thank you very much!

Update: Here are some new plants. That’s all I could do for this weekend.


UPDATE: I have created some important assets to the map. Some of these assets are the health packs and the jumping pod so you don’t have to always take the stairs to the control point. I only created 1 asset after that, a lamp, but I intend to create at least 2 or 3 more. I covered some walls with vines that I got from Megascans and changed the leaves in order to look more accurate to the game.


Oh. My. LODs! @Mawgush !

This is the most refreshingly beautiful map I have ever seen! You’ve chosen such an amazing location for inspiration! This is absolutely breathtaking! I’ve watched your progression here, and I want to thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary work here!

Everything looks so magnificent! The textures are perfect! I can see the weapons not necessarily complementing the environment, but still flawless, nevertheless.

Are you developing this project for class? What are you studying? Is this your first experience building a project in UE?

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Thank you very much!
This project is for class. It’s part of my 2nd year’s program. I have get this done until the end of march. I’m studying Videogame Art. We learn how to model, texture and build the environment. Before this one I had smaller ones in UE. This one is a complete map while the other ones where part of a map. Well, this one is a bit more challanging to me because I have to replicate the style of Overwatch the best I can.

But if you are interested in knowing about the other projects that I have done in UE in previous years I can leave the links right here (these ones were made with my own style):


If you want to know more about my artwork you can check my Artstation:

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Hi @Mawgush!

Thank you so much for your reply and for sharing your art! As I was going back in time and looking at your project here, I had it in the back of my mind that either you studied game art or are a professional. What you are studying, Videogame Art, is a powerful thing to wield - in that you can create fond memories for players, elicit different emotional reactions, and have an impact on the gaming experience. I’m a firm believer in that games live and die on their art styles.

I can totally understand how using Overwatch’s stylized fantasy art design can be challenging. I can tell from viewing your other artwork that your game art design is going to provide a very interesting and unique experience. With your skills, you can and will add your own flavor and seasoning to whatever project you undertake. Art is a window into a creator’s mind and the true artistic expression of oneself.

What is your favorite gaming art style? What is your favorite gaming art style from the past? What is your opinion of pixel art?

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Actually I don’t have a favorite art style. I really enjoy stylized games, but I do love other styles like Bioshock, and games from Valve like Half-Life and Team Fortress. About pixel art I used to like it before, but I still enjoy pixeled games but my main focus is working on 3D.
But if you want to see what I have done in pixel art you can check this video from 2017:

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UPDATE: I have been creating more assets like tables, chairs, carpets, sofas and pillows and filled a little bit of my map with more assets.


Hi @Mawgush !

The colors and patterns you have chosen for your latest assets are impeccable! You have definitely captured the essence of this place seamlessly! The more progress you reveal to us, the more enamored I become with this project. The foliage breathes so much life into Chaouen. If this place was real estate in the metaverse, I would be vacationing here! LOL!

Thank you for your response! I’m a huge Bioshock fan! The art deco style used is astonishingly beautiful! I really appreciate you sharing your pixel art video game! It reminds me of 80’s video games. Has it been released to the public? How long did it take you to finish developing it, and what engine did you use?

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Thank you very much! About the pixel art game I did it on Gamemaker Studio and it was a college project, the final one. It was never published. Its only purpose was to be evaluated.

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UPDATE: Here is the update for this week. I have started to learn how to work with splines and I created some of them with the help of my teacher and my classmate. Some of these splines you can see are the cables on it. Hope I have time to animate them. Next step was replicating some assets from the game, since I can’t get them nowhere I had to recreate them. It took me a while but i’m almost done. More 2/3 assets to go and I’m done with assets. Chefchaouen as a lot of cats so I’ve got an animated cat from Sketchfab but the cat was textured with realistic fur so in order to make it look more of the style of Overwatch I re-textured it. About the lighting, I’ve changed a little bit, but it’s still on standby.


UPDATE: In this week I’ve finally finished all 3D assets. Not sure if I have time I can do some more, but for now that’s all I need. Other thing I have been working was on decals. Some of them, like the sewer pits were created in maya as high poly and baked into a plane in substance painter. Other thing that I did this week was changing the sky in order to look more like an Overwatch sky. I used the sky from the map Ilios as reference. The clouds are pngs that I created from an imaged and added to a sphere with inverted normals.
The other thing I did this week was replacing some textures with other stylized ones that I got from a classmate. And finally I have been doing a bit more vertex painting and adding more assets and decals to the map.

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UPDATE: Sorry, I’ve failed last week. I didnt’t post anything last week, but I’ll make it up to you now, because it has been 2 weeks working and the project it’s almost done. One week left. On these 2 weeks I have created the background, with some mountains I got from Dreamscape Nature : Meadows - Stylized Open World Environment from Unreal Engine’s Marketplace and added some buildings. Other things that I did was to finish the texturing, which I got most of the from texture websites and Artstation. Another thing that I did was to finish the vertex painting in both sides of the map. Next, I started to work more on the left side of the map and add a distinct look from the blue buildings, I wanted to give more color tones of white and beige, but still mixed with a little bit of blue. And the second week I was focused on creating some effects to give more life to the map, like the leaves falling from the trees, the dust particles in interior zones and the birds on the sky. I also fixed the cloud’s borders to look more blurry and added some fog to give more color variation to the sky.