Overview Map - "No default textures are shown on any assets"

Hey there. I’m creating some blueprints to do fancy stuff with walls. I’ve in mind submiting it to the marketplace, but when reading the submission guidelines I’ve found something quite weird:

According to that, default textures shouldn’t be used in the overview map. Thing is, I have no custom textures and the starter content ones are pretty good. Why can’t default textures be used?


if you are submitting blueprints, you dont have to make an overview map; This is only applicable for models, etc.

It can be a bit confusing at first in the guidelines, since its written under “General asset requirements”, but its effectively under “Content Requirements” which does not apply for blueprints.


What kind of stuff do you plan on doing with walls?

Thanks for the info!

What I’m trying to do is a system to easily create a broken, ingravid, surreal effect in walls and other meshes: