Overriding on clicked event in widget is not working in 4.26.2


I just found that the on clicked event can not override in UE 4.26.2.

Here is related question I posted:

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a Widget Blueprint “WidgetA”, add a button with on clicked event and print string “Base”

  2. Create a New Blueprint "WidgetB"and in the popup window pick the parent class to “WidgetA”.

  3. Override the on clicked event and print string “Derived”.

  4. Add the widget in the viewport, and click the button.

In 4.24 or 4.25:
It will print “Derived” when WidgetB is created.

In 4.26.2:
It will print always “Base” no matter WidgetA or WidgetB is created.

And the extra finding in 4.26.2 is if I duplicate the WidgetA first to WidgetA_Dup, then in WidgetA_Dup, delete the items in designer hierarchy, manually change its parent to WidgetA, override the OnClicked will work.

The form is here:


Before posting in the previous thread, I actually dug around a bit in the DB for a related bug but could not find anything that lined up with this.

Just submitted. Thanks for the notice!