Overriding Events C++

Hello everyone,

I have a random c++ question. I am looking to override a OnComponentHit Event in Blueprints from in an inherited c++ class.

Is it possible to Override the build in events or do I need to create a custom Event delegate?

Do you mean you want to override a function that is being binded to OnComponentHit?

To state it as Simply as possible; When the OnComponentHit event is fired it fires the parent OnComponentHit bound method first.

So you’re saying that you have component B, which is a subclass of component A, and you have an OnComponentHit binding in A, and an OnComponentHit binding in B, and you want to call A, and then B? In that case you should just need to override the function that binds OnComponentHit in A, and call Super for that function, and then add in your OnComponentHit binding in B.

Like this, assuming you bound your function to OnComponentHit in the parent class:

Make sure that the event isn’t disabled and to compile, or the add call to parent function option will be greyed out. Also make sure if the base class is in C++ to make the overridden function virtual.

Let me know if I completely misunderstood that and you meant something else lol.