Overriding datatables - Asset Path Redirects?

Hello, I have a framework I’m using that has datatables in XFramework/Datatables/… I want to keep those unchanged and use instead my own datatables in MyProject/Datatables/.
As far as I can tell, there’s no way to override datatables. It seems that CoreRedirects don’t work for datatables, so I looked into the asset manager settings in project settings.

There’s something called “Asset Path Redirects” so I tried that, by creating a redirect with:
Old = /Game/XFramework/Datatables

It didn’t work. I tried all sorts of permutations as well, with removing Game, using short paths, replacing Game with Content, etc… It doesn’t seem to work at all.
Does anyone have a solution for that? Or am I forced to modify directly the XFramework’s datatables and potentially lose my changes as it’s updated?
Thank you.

PS: I also tried using paths like /Game/XFramework/Datatables/Datatable_Name.Datatable_Name and that didn’t work either. I also attempted using “Primary Asset Id Redirects” with DataTable’/Game/XFramework/Datatables/Datatable_Name.Datatable_Name’ and that also failed

I’m not sure if I was using this wrong, either, but I had the same result. Nothing used here seemed to have an affect.

Any luck?