Override platform/raft controls with a structure

Hey guys.

I have a small issue Im trying to figure out, or trying to get someone to help me with. A mod I made is dependant of another mod to fully utilize it. I am talking about Rafts N Boats. The general idea was that players could build structures on a raft, a ark, a dinghy and a catamaran (All but the raft are still in production), and to compliment that I also need a structure that can override the controls of the boats that it is built on. the plan is that players can build a bridge/wheelhouse on it and place a wheel there that takes control of the boat instead of the standard place on the raft for instance. It will have to also change the first person view to that location and the 3rd person view should be zoomable from that area.

Problem is that I cant get my head around how to solve this with blueprints and camera setups. So if anyone want to give me a idea where to go/what to do or maybe even set it up for me Id be happy to provide the wheel model for it.

The wheel model im thinking of will be one of these



First one will be simplest, but 2nd one I can make fit a 1x1 floortile