Override "non-active" sequencer variables with blueprints


Yes, the track will drive the parameter till the end of your animation…
But you can fire an event from your animation instead!

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding sequencer / blueprint scripting.

So, I have this sequence where I set the collision of a trigger after a few seconds to be enabled. When I enter the trigger, the collision will get disabled via blueprints - but this does not work, if the sequence is still running. It works perfectly when the sequence has stopped playing, but when the sequence is still running in the background, all blueprint overrides are only set for one frame and then being overriden by the sequencer again.

This makes sense to me, but only if the track would also fill the whole sequence. But as you can see in the picture below, the track ends with the last variable set - so there shouldn’t be any overrides after that?

Is there currently a way of doing what I described? Or am I missing something with tracks, track length and sequencer priorities over blueprints?

Thanks a lot,