Override Event of the Base Class.

Hello. I have some error when I try to override event from base class. Where are I’m wrong?


Base Class
virtual void EvenetName();

Child Class
virtual void EvenetName() override;

As a result I have next message:
method with override specifier ‘override’ did not override any base class methods

Thanck you.

What type of event are you talking about? BlueprintNativeEvent? How are you triggering them?

Yes, exactly this type of event. But I tried to use both of types as BlueprintImplementableEvent as BlueprintNativeEvent. But nothing.

If it’s a BlueprintNativeEvent, then you must override

virtual void EvenetName_Implementation() override;

not* EvenetName()* in the child class.

Thank you very much. It is helped. I just had to add “_Implementation” in definition part of event.