Override Engine/Programs ini properties

Is there anyway to override these properties from my game’s config?

It doesn’t work in my packaged build when I set these in my game’s DefaultEngine.ini


I have to manually create the following path and file after packaging.

Does anyone know the correct way to do this without creating files/folders after packaging?

I think placing config in project directory like this:


might work and project directory tree always overrides the engine directory

If not you can always edit config in engine directory itself

So Programs at the root of the project? I’ll give that a try. Yeah I was trying to avoid having to modify the engine config.

Yes, but not sure if this gonna work, it should, it definitely works with adding files in Build/Android

Yeah that didn’t work.
I added Programs/CrashReportClient/Config/DefaultEngine.ini and disabled pak files so I could see what was going on easier.

It is still using all of the defaults in the ootb ini file.

I also tried Engine/Programs/CrashReportClient/Config/DefaultEngine.ini in my project’s root directory.

Did you find a solution? For me it always overrides to “https://datarouter.ol.epicgames.com…” no matter what I set DataRouterUrl to.

Did you ever manage to work this out?
I’m trying to do the same thing to no avail.
I can’t seem to change any “programs” configs