Override animation with another animation

is it possible to use one part of an animation like sticking my left hand out… and completly override it over the main animation??

Like i run, but then i press F and he takes his flashlight out of his side and goes back to run.

So a part of his arm gets completly overridden by another animation.


Yeah - two things you’ll want to do is learn a little about caching poses and working with Slots. The best documentation generally has to do with Anim Montages… but maybe this pic will help give you a general idea of how it would work.


A cached pose is kinda like storing the results of everything upstream into a variable. (Its not that simple but its an easy way to think of it). Using your descriptions, lets say the top “Use cached pose” node (feeding into the green blend node) is storing everything you want related to your normal everyday running animation in it. The bottom one has an animation of the guy pulling out a flashlight.

What a slot node does is say ‘Hey, from my left shoulder down thru my hands - play this other flashlight animation’. Meanwhile the rest of the body is still running like normal. The example in the pic has a slot from the waist up but you could set this anywhere in the skeleton including your left arm.

What i have now is AIMOFFFSETS to waist up.

Yet… the waist up is still Animating the original animation wich blends them both together which makes it look weird as hell.

I need to completely stop / ignore the waist up from the original animation, so that the AIMOFFSETS work perfectly.

Its like REPLACING the entire uppderbody with a difffrent animation.

Help pleaseee :smiley:

Nvm found it, i had to remove “use cached pose NormalMovment” above the mainchar_anim_offset node. =]