Overmilion - Manage UE4 settings, easily.

Welcome to Overmilion!

What is Overmilion?
Overmilion is a new plugin that pratically stores and sets graphical settings at runtime using a configuration file that can be edited and shared by the user.

For developers :
It allows you to create more easy,functional and beautiful settings menu.

For users:
It allows the user to manually edit the settings into the configuration file and share it with their friends.
The user can also use the Autoexec feature, which for example could allow a professional player to share his professional settings to its followers (Like on CS:GO).

Here’s a few screenshot of the example settings menu :

Here’s how the Config.cfg and autoexec look :



Not convinced?Try it yourself!](

useful links :

**Market Place Link

Wiki and getting started


**Full API Reference

Still got any question or request?Write them on this thread!I’ll be very happy to answer**

The wiki has been updated with the full list of supported settings :slight_smile:

Check it out here :

Update 1.0.1 released with some bugfixes! :slight_smile: