Overly bright objects after light bake

So I’m having the problem listed in this forum topic.

Is there any word of a fix, beyond re generating normals/ tangents like it’s listed in the PDF. Currently it’s not that practical if there’s a great deal of objects and it voids that if you reimport.

Datasmith is unusable at the moment for me with this bug.

I’m using Unreal 4.22.3 and 3d studio max.

I also got it with Unreal 4.21, and 4.20

Everytime this happens to me its related to the tangents/bi-normals, when you export in 3ds Max there’s an option for exporting tangents and bi-normals. However when it doesn’t work I use Blender or Maya until it works

Is that option for Datasmith, or only with FBX?

I’ve never tried Datasmith so I wouldn’t know, but when you export to FBX it may work.

We discovered that those objects are usually lacking in proper uvs, resulting in weird normals in ue. is it the case with those objects?