Overlaps events begin/end fired every frame

Hello guys,

Goal :
I’m using the LeapRiggedEchoHandActor from the Leap Motion plugin to add hands to my pawn. I’m trying to add 3D interaction/collision (Using overlap Begin and End events ) for the hands of my character, to be able to detect when an hand is “pushing” a button, and when it’s released

Current implementation

I’ve created an actor (with a widget component ButtonMenu ; adding a box collision component instead have same behavior) and attached it to a socket of my LeftHandMeshComponent. MainsLeapMotionBP inherits from LeapRiggedEchoHandActor .
Both LeftHandMesh and RightHandMesh are SkeletalMeshComponents (echo_lo_L and echo_lo_r respectively) and they both have physicsAssets



I’ve created a new collision preset for this kind of interaction actor in order to generate overlaps with the Right Hand (physics Body).


The OnComponentBeginOverlap and OnComponentEndOverlap events are fired continously, like every frames. I cannot set up a timer for the overlapped time.

I followed the documentation about [collision][5] and modified my Leap UI collisions preset to block PhysicsBody, but the behavior is the same.


  • Do i have misunderstood something in the collisions presets between these 2 actors ?
  • Should I modify something in the physical assets of the skeletal hands meshes ?

Thanks a lot for any feedback,

I ran into a similar issue. Put a sphere collision attached to my hmd camera (the official 4.13 VR template) and when I overlap and call OnComponentBeginOverlap it fires every frame not just one time. Never saw this happen in the past. I wonder if it is something with the VR aspect.

I’ve made some test and you’re right, this issue shows up in HMD mode. Playing in a “new Editor Window” works fine and overlaps event all called once, like it should. I’m gonna post in the bug section.

This is not a bad BP scripting or collisions management issue but a bug found in VR mode : UE-36103

See the post in the bug sections.