Overlapping/Wrapping UV's with static meshes created from BSP's (NOT imported models)

Overlapping/Wrapping UV’s with static meshes created from BSP’s (NOT imported models)
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Keep getting ‘wrapping’ or ‘overlapping’ uv’s error when I use static meshes that were created from bsp’s.

Also getting strange lighting visual artifacts on the meshes.


I’ve rotated the directional light and it appears to fix it, however, upon building lighting, it gives weird effects.

any idea why?

-check in your static mesh settings that you use the 2nd uv channel for the mesh -> light map coordinate index – 2
-export your mesh to a 3d program and create a proper 2nd uv channel -> :// :slight_smile:

If you convert a BSP to a static mesh, it is not UV unwrapped. All faces cover by default the entire UV space.
In order to use a mesh that is derived from a BSP brush, you need to open the exported FBX in a 3D application and unwrap it.
There you can also add the second lightmap UV set.